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Buddy House


“Building a Bright Future”

Watch the Buddy House Documentary here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BYV3TH3M1EA&t=1s

Early Intervention

  1. Lessen the effects of the disability or delay
  2. Services are designed to identify and meet a child’s needs in 5 developmental areas including:
  • Physical development
  • Cognitive development
  • Communication
  • Social and/or emotional development
  • Adaptive learning


School Age Learning Program

  1. Parents as first teachers
  2. Give children with Ds a jump start on education
  3. Arm parents as capable advocates for their children in the education process
  4. Design programs to supplement traditional education
  5. Strengthen the educational potential for children with Ds
  6. Help with reliable information about best practices for instruction


Teen & Adult Program

  1. Help enable individuals with Ds to become confident self – advocates
  2. Continue the learning process through tutoring
  3. Support functional, vocational, and independent living skills
  4. Provide activities to increase a more active lifestyle
  5. Promote community participation
  6. Provide opportunities for socialization with each other and typical peers



  1. Provide positive information and support at the prenatal diagnosis or birth
  2. Workshops and informational meetings on interesting topics
  3. Small age-related group meetings
  4. Annual social activities for families
  5. Provide scholarships for families to national conventions