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Sleek & Beautiful

We are getting ready for our 19th Annual Buddy Walk!

Get your teams enrolled as soon as possible!

Sleek & Beautiful

19th Annual Buddy Walk

This years Buddy Walk will be held October 14th at the Hot Rods Stadium. We are so excited to start kicking off this season! It is important to start getting those teams enrolled so we can bring in those donations! For more info: http://www.ds-stride.org/dsskybuddywalk

Sleek & Beautiful

WKU Speech

Right now we are doing our Summer Speech program here at the Buddy House! We have two separate classes right now. Our Pediatric Speech Class is for 6-12 years old and the Adult Speech Class is for 13 years and up!

Sleek & Beautiful

Zumba & Yoga

Every Wednesday at the Buddy House we hold a Zumba class for ages 10 and up! This class is held from 3:00 to 4:00 PM Now we are including Yoga as one of our fitness programs starting right after Zumba at 4:00 PM!

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Luau Party!

We had a great night at our CLUB 21 Luau Party!!