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WKU ALIVE Center $100 Solution

WKU Alive Center $100 Solution™


The $100 Solution™

The $100 Solution™ utilizes course learning objectives combined with the five principles of service-learning to answer a central question for students: with this $100 bill, what can I do to enhance the quality of life for others? It teaches students to ask what they can do rather than self-determining needs of others, and it demonstrates that many social problems exist that can be solved with small amounts of money, or rather, by even thinking beyond monetary solutions to make a difference in their community.


Sign up for a $100 Solution™ Project!

If you are interested in completing your own $100 Solution™ project, there are three steps to follow.

• Learn how to implement The $100 Solution™ by signing up for a $100 Solution™ course at WKU or by attending a workshop. To find out about workshop dates and times or schedule one for your group, contact a CCSJ staff member at 270-745-3218.

• Identify a community need and fill out an application form.

• Send the application form to thds@wku.edu. Your application will be reviewed, and you will be notified within two weeks about the acceptability of your project idea.